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Local IT Services, Local Tech Support

Local IT Service Provider
(Wi-Fi / Broadband / Computer Upgrades & Maintenance / General IT Support)

We Provide Security & IT Services for Home / Small Businesses

  • Why have your own domain name(s)?

    First off, it protects your own brand & products

    • Advantages of having your own domain
      • your own branded website;
      • email addresses, as many as you need, using your own domain name;
      • you will no longer have to rely upon ISP mail servers

    The above is really just scratching the surface, having rights to your own domain name matters, don't risk somebody else getting your name!
    We can offer end to end secure email services, your login is protected using SSL, unlike most ordinary ISP POP email services.

  • What matters?

    Protecting your name & your brand.

    • The later you leave it, the harder it will be to get a domain name that best suits
      (you may not be able to get the right name, but we can help you find a good alternative)

  • How we can help?

    • We can take care of all the requirements to get your domain name
      • We understand how domain names work;
      • We understand the "do's & don'ts" of using a domain name & why;
      • We understand & use best practice methods to manage your domain for you.

    We can provide further network security & other IT services as required.

We Provide Security & IT Services for Home / Small Businesses

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We supply & support domains at a competitive price,
Please email us ( ) to find out more details

Our current domain pricing details available upon request

You can register non .au domains from 1 to 10 years at a time.
You can register domains for a set 2 years period only.

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