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In Case of Emergency 'ICE' Campaign

Emergency 'ICE' Campaign

The idea is that you store the word " I C E " in your mobile phone address book, and against it enter the number of the person you would want to be contacted "In Case of Emergency".

In an emergency situation ambulance and hospital staff will then be able to quickly find out who your next of kin are and be able to contact them.
It is so simple that everyone can do it. Please do.

Please will you include this link in your normal email signature:

Do not sent it to everyone in your address book as that would have a similar effect as spam, virus or trojan....

It really could help the emergency services in doing their job.
For more than one contact name ICE1, ICE2, ICE3 etc.

More informational links:

Also, please be aware of the 112 Emergency Number

This number works for 000, but on mobiles! You should always try 000 first though.